Monday, 17 July 2017

A post to try and catch up...

I'm behind.  So behind in this whole blogging thing.

We've been so busy.  Mostly celebrating stuff.

Grady turned 18...and then he graduated.  I love this photo of Johanna helping him with his hat....making sure it will be picture perfect.

My cousin became a priest.  That was 3 days of celebrating.

Lydia turned 8.  She insisted we keep that 'Happy Birthday Lydia' sign up in the kitchen for a whole week.  And every visitor and thing that happened that week turned into celebrating Lydia.  It was fun!

We've been to the Sands at Golden Lake twice.  Celebrating family with both the Dwyer's and the Helferty's.  We enjoy those relaxing days at the lake so much....and the visiting is good too!

There have been soccer nights and 4-H meetings and an attempt at sleeping in the tent....

I made my most favourite cake of all time but the lighting was so crappy because it was a rainy day....I didn't really get good photos of it....

Oh yes...the rain.  It's been never ending.  We managed to get the crop in...about a month late.  There are other fields in our area that remain untouched.  They are just to wet.

All the hay that we have managed to cut has been wrapped.  We prefer dry hay in the loft of the barn but that isn't happening.  We are still holding out that a dry spell with eventually happen and we will get some dry hay.  It's getting late for this to all happen now.

We did manage to get the garden planted and it's the most amazing garden I have ever seen.  The tomato plants are like bushes.  We dug some potatoes and carrots for supper last yummy!  Looking forward to the beans and peas and zucchini!

In other big news we were featured in 'edible Ottawa' magazine!  It's the July/August issue and it's a beautiful free publication that's available at select locations across the Ottawa region.  Their website is here.

Pick up a copy if you are in the area!


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