Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May madness....

What is it with May?  It was this time last year that I quit blogging....just didn't have time!  And here I go again....I'm behind!  May is madness.

The crop is going in.  The cattle are getting out on pasture.  Jack is shearing sheep.  We got the old garage tore down...and the playhouse moved over from our other place.  Johanna worked away at the mess in the field at the river today.  She brought several loads of driftwood to the burn pile.

I've been busy getting the garden planted and the farmhouse is busy again so there is lots of bedding and towels to wash. The hens have returned to the henhouse for our guests to enjoy. I've weaned Sugar off of bottles and put her out with the other sheep.  I still have a set of twins to bottle feed....3 times a day.

We've hosted 4-H meetings...for the sheep and beef clubs.

Lydia joined soccer and the blackflies are thick.

I painted our front door red...I just used the leftover barn paint....so it matches the barn door perfectly!

The kittens are eating cat food.

I will try to get back in the habit of taking photos of stuff but for now I've just got more cake pictures.....and cookies too...


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