Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eggs come out of butts.

Aaannnnddddd....it's JUNE!

wow.  It sure doesn't feel like it!  It's cold and damp. 

Aaannnnndddd......it's still raining.....

The garden is planted but it's very muddy and the tomato plants look like they've gone dormant. 

We still have two fields to plant but it's impossible to get it done with the ground this wet.  Not having the crop in by June is pretty much unheard of.

Wee bit of stress happening....for all the farmers in the area.

The farmhouse was booked up nicely for the summer until we recently got a few cancellations.  Lots of spots on the calendar now.

Come on over and I'll share my world with you.  We love meeting the city folk....and I especially love their questions.  A teenager came to stay with his family not long ago and he asked if he could eat an egg from the henhouse.  I said Yes of course!  Then he said...but it just came out of that chickens butt!  I said....actually all eggs come out of chickens butts.  He looked at me so serious and said....but I get my eggs at the grocery store.

Yes.  All eggs come out of butts.  That's just reality.  Eat the eggs.

So much to learn when you stay with us at the farmhouse!

I recently discovered the boomerang app.  It cracks me up.  We were baking with rhubarb and having a little fun....

And we got the meatbirds last week....

Ok...I'll stop now.  If you want to see more then find me on Instagram!

I've been jamming as many colours in the icing bag as I can and seeing what will happen when I make those swirly flowers....


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