Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sugar thinks she's a dog....and the river is receding!

Sugar can't figure out what she is or where she belongs.

When we let her out to roam she thinks she's a dog.  She was following Grady and Ruby around one morning last week....

Yes....look at me....I'm a dog...and I'm doing chores.

Only she dilly dallies and doesn't keep up....

And they went in the barn to do chores and she didn't get to go...

Excuse me??  OPEN THE DOOR!  You forgot about ME!

I called her to come over to me and she came running.  She knows her name...she thinks she's a dog....

And then I took her down to be with the other sheep and lambs for the day. 

When I put her in with them I told her to go and make some friends.  But she just can't.  They sniff her and don't accept her.  She keeps to herself.

We have been blessed with sunshine the last two days!  I took a walk to the river and it's receding.  But we will have a clean up to do in the field....lots of debris....lots of garbage!

The river is still overflowing it's banks....and high and fast!  And it's suppose to start raining again tomorrow....



  1. The amount of garbage this situation has tossed up has us gobsmacked. Where did it all come from?

  2. Lovely post, the sheep and lambs are adorable! Greetings from Montreal! :)


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