Thursday, 22 October 2015

The bone juice.

Today is my day.

That's what I thought.

I've been busy at the farmers' market every week since the end of June.  And I've been making cakes.  And driving kids around.  And welcoming guests at the farmhouse.  The calendar is always full.  FULL.

The market had it's final day on Thanksgiving weekend.  And I was a wee bit excited to be done.

Then I was asked to make 540 muffins. for yesterday.  So I did that.

And this cake.

For a Halloween party at the library.

for yesterday.

I did it. 

I did it all.

And now there is a little lull in my calendar.  So I figured that today would be my day.  Finally.

I was thinking that maybe I would go and pick out new frames at the eye doctor's.  Because my glasses are six years old and a wee bit scratched.  I went to the eye doctor back in July and he mentioned that I was probably having trouble driving at night....oh yes.  maybe.  It's all those scratches.  But I couldn't get new glasses that day because he put drops in my eyes that dilated my pupils so big that I couldn't actually see.  But I drove home anyway because it was the day of Sophie's birthday party and I had no time to waste.

So I've been waiting for a day to go and get new frames.

I thought today would be the day.

But at 3:30 am Lydia came rushing into the very very angry.  She gets angry when she is sick.  I knew right away that she was sick.  Flushed and angry and 3:30am.  I took her to the bathroom....gave her some advil....a cold cloth for her head....and asked her to please go back to sleep.  And she did.

Then at 5 am the alarm went off.  Terry was heading to saw wood for the day.  He had forgotten to ask me to pack him a lunch for the day.  Would you?....he asked.  Of course, my dear.  I'd love to.  make sandwiches. right now.

And I did.

Then I let Lydia sleep while the others got ready for the bus.  And she slept until 10am.  She woke up flushed and angry.  She is sick.  Complaining about her terrible headache and that bone juice that she drank at the library party last night.

The bone juice.  She'll never drink that again.

It's not my day for the new frames.  Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe not.

The busyness of life never seems to stop. or even slow down.

But honestly....I love it.



  1. Poor Lydia, she gets angry when she is sick :(

  2. angry! It's terrible. She's a little better today....hopefully all better by tomorrow.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ;p I thought it was just my 6 yr old that tends to act up when she's sick. However, she doesn't realize being sick makes her more sensitive to things/irritable/irritating!


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