Saturday, 24 October 2015

Pills. For a six year old.

Lydia was still not feeling well this afternoon.  She has been fevered off and on since Wednesday night....and now it was Saturday.  Her stomach had turned a few times.  She was blaming it on the bone juice at the library party....but I figured there was more to it than that!  She really hadn't eaten much but she certainly wasn't suffering.  She had moments of 'being normal' and then she would need to rest again.

But when I asked her to please eat a part of one of her favourite bagels....and she refused....saying that her throat was just too sore....I then realized that she may have strep.  Then I looked in her throat...and knew for sure.......we needed to go to emerg and see a doctor.

She freaked.

Was he going to give her a needle?  Would it hurt?  What would happen?  Would I be beside her?

I had to settle her down...and get her moving.

We checked in and we were given a room right away.  She had been given a hospital bracelet to wear and it was when we were waiting on the doctor when she looked down at it and said....

HOW do they know my middle name?

She was really on edge.  Waiting for the absolute worst to happen.

She thought she might puke so I grabbed the garbage can and set it close by.

The doctor looked in her ears and her throat....and told me that it was indeed strep.  He wrote out the prescription for penicillin and said to make sure and get it in liquid. 

Of course....a six year old can't swallow a pill.

We went to the pharmacy and I requested it in liquid.

Then we went out and sat in the truck to wait....because she said that the smell in there was going to make her puke.

We went in to pick up the penicillin and I was surprised to see it as a bottle of pills.


Good grief I said....she can't swallow a pill.  The lady was surprised.  Really?  She suggested I break it up and make her swallow it in little pieces.

She has strep throat....she can't even chew and swallow her favourite bagel.

The pharmacist told me that I would have to crush it and put it into something...pudding...jam?  Penicillin in liquid form has been on back order for years.  It is unavailable.  This is all she could give me.

What was I to do?  We drove home.  I wanted to cry.

When we got home I got out a pill and crushed it.....added a little strawberry jam....put a frozen strawberry on per Lydia's request.  The entire time Lydia was going into hysterics.  She said she could not eat that.  I told her that she would have too.

And I was thinking that I would have to go through this 29 more times....HOW?  This was ridiculous.

She put the spoon in her mouth and then gaged.  And puked....all over the kitchen floor.  Everything that was in her stomach.

And Grady saw her....and so he had to puke too.  Luckily, he ran outside.

This was ridiculous.

I got on the phone and told the pharmacist my problem.  There was puke everywhere.  Should I go back to emerg?  What should I do?

She said that she would handle it and call me back.

And she did.

And I drove all the way back to town to get liquid amoxicillin.

Because a six year old can't swallow a pill.

At least mine can't.



  1. How ridiculous! I swear pharmacists don't know how disgusting pills are when they are broke open. A good pharmacist should have suggested the switch. Amoxicillin is just as good as penicillin. My doctor growing always preferred amoxicillin. I'm glad you got something she can tolerate. Hope Lydia is feeling better soon.

    1. She finally starting to feel better this evening! Thanks for the comment Paula. :)


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