Friday, 23 October 2015


I put Sophie and Lydia in an after school art class and they came home with these....

I LOVE them!

This class has really gotten them back into art....and I love that.  Last Saturday they just wanted to sit and draw....but they wanted direction.  They wanted ideas.

I found this blog called 'Color It Like you MEAN it''s here.  She had some great ideas and we copied them...

scary haunted houses...

cats on the fence....look at those tails!

a landscape with a field of pumpkins....

figuring out how to draw those lines on pumpkins....

a scarecrow....Lydia drew this!

They also started working on Remembrance Day posters to enter in the Legion contest.

Lydia did a black and white one.

And Sophie is still working on her colour entry.

Their artwork makes my heart smile.



  1. Beautiful works of art! Do you keep every piece?

    1. Thanks Susy! No...I don't keep every piece...but I do keep a lot of them. I love looking back on the way that they used to draw. I have folders of drawings from the older kids too. I think they might appreciate them someday.

  2. Too cute!! Thanks for tagging me! They did an awesome job. I also have an 8 year old daughter named Lydia! :)


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