Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Killaloe Irish Gathering Parade 2015

We are parade people.

We like parades.

But they are a lot of work.

We say that we are putting in a float and then we groan.  SO. MUCH. WORK.

What were we thinking?  We weren't thinking.

So...anyways.  We said we were putting in a float and then Terry got this idea.  Which was a good thing....because we needed an idea.

There just so happened to be this big. huge. metal cylinder shaped thing lying beside the barn.  Where it was from and what it was for??....I have NO IDEA.

But he asked me to make it into a big whiskey barrel.

Sure.  I can do that....

Johanna helped me.  We painted and traced and painted.

Then we loaded it onto a wagon and headed to Killaloe.  It was a very very long drive.  But we made it.

And Dwyer's from all over the place came to be with us.  To be on the float.  To be in the parade.

We took a minute to practise....

And then we paraded.

Along with the O'Grady's

and the Sullivan's

and the McGrath's

and the Stack's

Johanna fiddled....

the girls danced....

and the crowds cheered.

We headed to the park for some fun after the parade.

And the whiskey barrel is resting in Ruby.....because we didn't want to drive it all the way back home.



  1. So much green! And I'm of course 'green' with envy as this looked like a blast!

    1. It was a blast! Killaloe always has a great party!


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