Sunday, 9 August 2015

Family Campout at the River

We had a family campout at the river....only I didn't campout.  I went to the campout and I stayed late...but then I went home and slept in my own bed.  because it was going to be only 9 degrees.  because I'm a total wimp and I've never slept in a tent in the wilderness before.  because I'm an old woman and sleeping on the ground would kill me. and mostly because home was only a three minute drive was just way more convenient to go home and get a good night sleep.

But the entire day was fun. 

Lots of food.

Lots of cousins.

Lots of food.

Lots of swimming and fishing and kayaking

and visiting.

and lots of food.



  1. Beautiful photos of your family campout!

    1. Thanks Susy! I just bought a new camera and I'm trying to figure out all the settings!


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