Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Pole House

Sophie is at it again.

Remember the Tylenol Wrapper Hat?....and the adventures with stuffie puppies?....and the labels all over the house?

It's non-stop with her and her ideas.

She has been at us for over a month now to build a treehouse.  She has been drawing up the plans....the possibilities are endless.

But then she took a look around the yard and realized that we really didn't have a good tree for a treehouse.

I thought that that would be the end of can't have a treehouse without a suitable tree.



Sophie has come up with the 'Pole House'.

Here are the plans....

We don't need a tree at all....we just need a pole.

She makes me smile. All the time.



  1. "And last but not least..." "decorate it". She is adorable!

    1. I think the decorating is the most important part to her!


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