Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thank You

We've been busy with life.

The fairs are over.  The farmers' market is done.

But the busyness hasn't stopped.

It's fall....and that means moving cattle, working calves.....and moving cattle.  Yes....we've been moving cattle. 

We've moved some hens too....but we don't have to stop traffic to do that.

And we've been splitting wood....and hauling wood.

And making soup....really good homemade meat bird soup.

And digging potatoes and carrots.

And setting mouse traps.

And wearing long johns.  and mitts and toques.  and I'm going to town to buy insulated rubber boots.  because they wear out.

And we've been doing crafts.  My table was covered in puff paint creations the other day.

Sophie's been writing stories.  Terry told her that they will be best sellers.  I believe it.

And we had this published in our local paper this week.

It's a Thank you.

Thank you's are so important.

Yesterday my world stood still for a bit. 

So many emotions.

A solider was shot dead while standing guard at the War Memorial in Ottawa.

I knew so many people on 'lock down'.

And I know some people that work as 'first responders' in Ottawa.

I need to say 'Thank You'.

'Thank you' to all those people that work everyday to keep us safe.

We live in the best country.  with the best people.

Even though it was a terribly tragic day, all I could feel was love. 

So much LOVE.

Stories of people reaching out to people.

Love is greater than fear.

God bless our country and the people that keep it safe.



  1. Thank you Brenda...such a tough day for our country. You are is greater than fear

    1. Sending you a hug....full of LOVE! Hope you are all doing well.


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