Monday, 15 September 2014

Too Much Zucchini

One morning last week I looked out the window and I saw Lydia talking to Ruby on the back step.  My heart melted.  It was so so sweet.

What could she possibly be telling our dog?  I couldn't hear the conversation but it was probably something about zucchini.  Yes.  Zucchini.

We've been dealing with a lot of zucchini for the last few's become sort of an issue with me.

Maybe this was the conversation....

Ruby, I had no idea when I planted that zucchini in the spring that we would end up with that many zucchinis.  It's just completely out of hand.  I just hate the stuff.

Mom fries it with onions and garlic...she has even put in on her pasta.  She loves it.

She made zucchini muffins and she didn't even put chocolate chips in them.  Grandma always puts chocolate chips in the muffins.

She hid the zucchini in chocolate brownies.

She made zucchini patties for supper one night.  She said that they were so delicious.  But they weren't....they were super gross.

I saw her shredding up a whole bunch of it and putting it in the freezer......I think there was over 30 cups of it.  That means we can eat it all winter too.

I guess we aren't the only ones with the zucchini problem.  Everywhere we go people are offering us their zucchinis.  One guy said he had a whole wheelbarrow full and they were even giving them away FOR FREE at the post office.

It's just completely out of hand.  But I think the end might be in sight because I saw her carry 4 big zucchinis up to the barn this morning and she fed them to the meat birds.  Only.....will that make the meat birds taste like zucchini too?  I'm a little worried.

Thanks for listening Ruby.  I know that you are with me on won't eat it either.


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