Monday, 29 September 2014

Farm Tour

Johanna, Sophie, Lydia and I headed out on a farm tour on Saturday.  We were with the 4-H Alternative Crop Club.

First up....Carleton mushrooms!

What a place....I had no idea how complicated it was to grow mushrooms.

These rooms are continually monitored for heat and humidity...and other things that I know nothing about.

Rooms and rooms of growing mushrooms.

Then we headed to Upper Canada Cranberries.

The owner dug out all these what once was all bush property.

Then he planted the cranberries in the bogs.

When it's time to harvest, he floods the bogs and then goes through them with a machine with a whirly bird on the front of it....and it gets all the cranberries to rise to the top of the water and then they skim them off the top.

Then they need to be sorted....and bagged.  He also makes cranberry juice and dries them too.

We had 'picnics on the bus' in between stops.

Next up....Sun Tech Tomatoes.

This place was incredible....they grow everything using 'coco' slabs and water....NO soil!

The plants just grow and grow and they have to keep wrapping them around the end of the row....and they just keep growing.

Their tomatoes and cucumbers are SO yummy!



  1. You were about 10 minutes from our house!!!!!

    1. I was thinking that we must be close to you! But I was on a bus...and not really paying attention to the roads at all....and I wouldn't be able to find any of those places again even if I tried! That was the best part...not having to drive!


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