Monday, 22 September 2014

It's Fall....

Fall is here.

We got our first heavy frost last week.

The leaves are changin'.

The hood of the van is the best place to be.  Oh. so. warm.

Time to head to the camp.

You can hang out in your camo.

And eat as much cake as you want....and drink Pepsi too.

These kids had a tonne of fun.  They play games....I think they become dogs or the back room where the bunk beds are.

And then they go off and explore....

And these guys hunt.  They are pretty serious about their hunting.

When we got home, all Sophie and Lydia could talk about was Halloween.  They begged me to get out the box of costumes.

Lydia found a witches dress that fits her perfectly.

She even wore it to bed.  But I managed to get her to change when we went to do the chores this morning.

It's fall.....let's embrace it.


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