Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Littlest Farmer

It was warm and windy today.

Lydia ate a steak sandwich for lunch.

Then she told Jack that SHE was going out to feed the lamb....and then they were going to work with his heifer.

She was planning his afternoon for him.

She has become Jack's side kick over the last few months.

I saw her come back to the house with the bottles and then she grabbed Jack's comb for the heifer.

He is teaching her everything he knows.

At first she was a little upset when her pink rubbers would become covered in 'crap'....but now she doesn't care.

She's getting things figured out.

She has also learned how to hit a ball....

AND she announced to me the other day that she knows WHO the REAL Easter bunny is!  I asked WHO?....and she said "It's Santa!...dressed in a bunny suit!"

Smart girl.

AND for some reason she has been given the nickname 'Jimmy'.

I'm not sure how that happened but it seems to suit.



  1. Don't our youngings grow up way too fast?!


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