Friday, 4 April 2014

Chirp and Cheep

Jack put some eggs in the incubator a few weeks ago and they hatched this week.

Of course the first thing that Sophie and Lydia asked was....Is it a boy or a girl?

And of course Jack answered...I don't know.

And the girls were very confused.  HOW do you not know?  HOW can that be?

They just wanted to name the chicks and they wanted to give them good names.

And they couldn't do that if they didn't know the sex of the chick.

One of life's mysteries....How to sex a chick?

I remember walking into the kitchen a couple of years ago and the boys were on the laptop.  I asked them what they were doing and they said  "Just finding out 'How to sex a chick."  WHAT.  My heart skipped a beat.

They didn't find the answer on google.  It's just not something that's easy to do.

But you can buy a whole flat of day old pullets (girls) at the feed someone out there actually sexes chicks for a living. 

He must have really good eyes.

Anyways....a couple of them have been named.

I think this one is Chirp.

And this one is Cheep.



  1. They are adorable. We've a bunch of meat birds in the basement keeping warm too. They won't be named. Ah the old 'is it a boy or girl question', that's what's good when we plan ahead and can get some of the Black Sex-Link birds. The hens are black and the roosters look like barred rocks. We needed hens that were ready to lay so we had to just get 'normal' layers for now.


    1. I know what you mean Paula! It's so much easier to just get the ready to lay Black Sex-Links....and we have done that several times. But these boys love to mix up the breeds and then hatch them out and see what they get! It's all thanks to the 4-H chicken club....that's where we ended up with so many different breeds of birds. I had no idea that so many even the Ottawa Valley!


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