Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Lenten Journey Begins

Ashes on my head.

Fish on my plate.

And so it begins.

Fasting, Praying, Almsgiving

"Get out of your rut-it's time to move" is written in the church bulletin.

I printed out the Lenten calendar from Catholic Icing for the wee girls.

I uploaded my first Lighthouse Catholic Media talk entitled "Pray Like a Saint".....and it's excellent.

I subscribed to Lenten Reflections for Busy People....also by Lighthouse Catholic Media.

I will fast....and hear my stomach growl for the next 40 days.

I will clean a drawer or a cupboard or a closet...or just a shelf in a closet....everyday for the next 40 days.  The house will be purged and there will be bags of 'stuff' to give away.

I will only bake when necessary......and this will prit near kill me.

But it will be good.

And I will be renewed when that blessed Easter day arrives.


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  1. Whoah! Where did the time go? Lent is here already. I did not realize Ash Wednesday passed by until trying to tidying up the living room. Usually I can tell when Lily comes home from school with ashes on her forehead.


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