Sunday, 23 March 2014

Looking for Spring

The calendar said that it was the first day of Spring on Thursday.

It didn't happen.

It snowed off and on all that day....and again yesterday.

Sophie asked what was going is suppose to be Spring....right?  I told her that this was completely normal...spring would eventually come...we just have to wait.  And she said, "I guess there is a still some winter in this spring."

I guess.

Everyone is tired of's all people talk about.  We just want to smell the earth again...walk in some mud....taste some sap.....feel a little bit of warmth....take off our socks.

At Mass this morning, Father asked all the children to say a little prayer....that spring will come.

I went for a walk yesterday....hoping to find a little bit of spring...

Is it under there, Ruby?


A nest waiting for a bird...but there are no birds to be found.

Then I did some interviews....I asked them, "Is spring coming?"

"Have you seen spring?"

He wanted to know more about it.

What about you..."Do you think Spring is coming?"

And then I saw this....

This is the chosen one.  This is the calf that Jack has chosen to show at the fairs.  He is trying to get her used to a halter. 

She told me that 'Spring is just around the corner'.

I can't wait.


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