Monday, 24 March 2014

Morning Yoga

I try to do yoga 3 times a week.  If I don't then I'm tired and moody and my back aches.

I have an old VHS tape that I's so old that parts of it don't actually work...but I've been following it for years so I just continue and the tape eventually starts to work again.  I only have to hear the tape...I don't actually have to see it. 

One morning when I was rewinding it, the tape actually tore in half in the machine and I just used some scotch tape to put it back together.  It still worked....and I was so thankful...because I need my yoga.

This morning, Lydia joined me on the living room floor.

Then Terry just happen to come in from the barn, when I was trying to hold a yoga pose.  He commented in his best Rodney Yee voice, "Feel the natural curves of your spine breaking."

This totally cracked me up.

As I got back into my seriousness of yoga, Lydia said, "Don't rip your pants Mom."

This totally cracked me up.

As I continued, Lydia was watching the T.V. as she tried to keep up with the video.  The instructor is on a beach with the waves rolling up close to his feet.

Then Lydia asked, "Does that guy live in the sea?"

This totally cracked me up.

I said, "No!  He's not a mermaid!"

Lydia responded with, "Well, he sure looks like one."

This totally cracked me up.

No serious yoga this morning.


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