Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Snowmobile and Christmas Baking

I casually asked Lydia's teacher if there was something I could do to help out with the Christmas pageant during parent teacher interviews about a month ago.

She said that she really needed a snowmobile.

As a prop.  Made of cardboard.

I said....ya. No problem.  Leave it to me. I'm on it.

Even though I was in the middle of last minute renos and painting and trying to move into another house.

I became in the middle of snowmobile making.

The only safe to put it for painting was on the stepdancing can see Johanna's shoes that I put off to the side....

It took me hours but I enjoyed the challenge.  And everyone thought it was pretty amazing.

The porcupine was suppose to be driving it but because I made it so incredibly massive there was room for the beaver and the otter to ride on it too!

What a hoot!...or maybe that's a woot...for those of you who really know me!

Anyways....the concert was amazing.

Lydia was the otter and her best friend was the cute are they?

In other news...I'm up to my eyeballs in Christmas baking!

A pull apart cupcake cake....Grinch style!

And squares and decorated cookies....


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