Tuesday, 3 November 2015

These Two

I was looking through some old photos today.  Actually, they weren't really very 'old'....they were from about 5 years ago.  But it's amazing how things have changed around here in so little time.

Kids grow up.

I was just looking for some 'farm style' photos to enlarge and frame but I became overwhelmed with looking at all the photos.

There is a ridiculous amount of photos of cows and kittens and hens and sheep....and kids doing some pretty funny stuff.  And then there were videos.  Bless my heart.  Babies sitting in high chairs and crying.

Where did all my babies go?

And my house....it's messy now....but when I look at some of those photos I wonder how I just didn't go completely mental. 

And then I found this series of photos.....

These two. 

They sure have kept things movin' and shakin' in this house.


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