Monday, 9 November 2015

Saturday night.

Saturday night.

It's 'chip night' here. 

We sit around and eat chips and play cards or watch a movie.

Every Saturday night.

But on Saturday night when we were sitting around the power went off.

Completely unexpectedly. 

Without notice.

We were in the dark.

Complete dark.

Lydia swings into panic mode.

I tell her that there is a flashlight on the side of the of those ones with a magnetic on the back of it.....that you keep on the fridge for times like this.

But she tells me that actually's not there.  She was playing a game earlier in the day and she needed it.

Oh.  That's bad news.

There is a candle on the windowsill.  But we would need the bbq lighter.  And it's out at the furnace.

Wait a minute!  I get up and head to the kitchen counter.  In the dark.

And I say....

I think there is a little flashlight beside the toaster.  UUUUGGG.  I just put my fingers in the butter.

I stick my fingers in my mouth....because I'm in the dark and I need that flashlight and I love butter.

And as I keep looking my tastebuds are going a little crazy.

And I head to the sink.

And I say.....

I can't find that flashlight.  And that wasn't butter.

And I'm gagging.  In the dark.

The little dish of bacon grease was sitting on the counter....right near the butter....right near the toaster.

I ate a ridiculous amount of chips and downed an awful amount of Pepsi.

And when anyone complained about being in the dark I just said...

All I can taste is bacon grease.

Do these things only happen to me?

I think so.



  1. Only you my friend...only you. Love chip night with the Dwyers!

  2. Oh my! James gets upset because our counters are honestly overcrowded....& I leave butter out & sometimes bacon grease too.


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