Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Winter and a Chocolate Pecan Pie


It's still February.  And it's still freezing cold. 

We haven't gotten any breaks this winter....no thaws.  Just cold.  and more cold.

Everyone is so sick of it.

And there is no mention of the polar vortex this year.

That's because it's really just called winter.

It's all one giant. never ending. polar vortex.

And it's sucking the life out of all of us.

It's so exhausting.

The other day I opened the door to the mudroom and there was a calf standing there.  I didn't even know it was back there.  But it was standing there.  In the mudroom.  Terry had turned on the little electric heater for it.  And it was standing in front of it....letting the warm air hit it's face.  It looked like it was having a really good day.  I said something to it...I don't remember what and it looked up at me....and then just turned it's head back on the warm breeze.  And I just shut the door and pretended that I didn't really see all that.....and that that really wasn't happening in the mudroom.  But it was.

It's all crazy.  Completely crazy.  This life of winter and frozen water bowls and new calves.  and frozen eggs.  and drifted snow.  and freezing cold.

I just want to go outside for a walk.

Today was Johanna's day.  The day she was born.

She's 17.

That seems impossible.  But I guess it's not.  Because it is what it is.

She requested a chocolate pecan pie.  So I made one. 

And it was good.  Very. very. good.

Of course there was cake too....


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