Monday, 14 July 2014

Eganville Farmers' Market

I'm back at the Eganville Farmers' Market this year.

We are at a new location....the parking lot of the Grace Lutheran Church....and it's working out quite nicely.  We are on the 'main drag'.....and so there are a lot more people stopping in that are just passing through.  It has become a very busy market.

I've branded myself with then name of 'The Farmer's Fork'.  I do all my baking at another farmhouse kitchen....not the one that my family lives in.  I'm hoping to get this kitchen 'certified' as a commercial kitchen.

I make pies....because people love pie.

My newest pie is the double crusted lemon pie.  It's so so good.

I also make cinnamon buns.

and raspberry buns.

and buttertarts. 

and I serve beef (our beef) on a wrap with some sautéed sweet onions and peppers.

Here's the set up...

The view from our tent....

The Pizza Farm is right beside us...

Johanna and I had a chicken pesto pizza last week.  AMAZING.

Engine House Coffee is on the other side of us.

Along with Genevieve Townsend's amazing creations.  She's a faery artist!

There is also maple syrup.

And apple cider from Coronation Hall Cider Mills.

And knitting.

And soap from Earthy Essentials.

And preserves and produce.

And there are a few other bakers.....including Beth's Kitchen.

And bread.   And homemade dog treats.  And lamb.  And grass fed beef.  And plants and herbs.  And rabbits.  And more.

It's a really fun market...every Friday from 2-6 p.m.


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