Thursday, 10 July 2014

Celebrating Lydia

We have been celebrating Lydia for the last couple of days.

She turned 5.

The planning of the cake has been going on for a few weeks.  She requested a doll cake again this year.  Then she told me that she was going to decorate it!

It needed lots of sprinkles and smarties.

And she needed to wear a hairnet.

She wanted to have a party at Grandma and Grandpa's pool...with some cousins....and there just happened to be cousins over there!

Sophie suggested that we not tell the cousins that we were coming for a party.  She wanted it to be a 'surprise' party.  I let her know that usually a surprise party is for the person having the birthday....not for the guests at the party.  She was a little disappointed....

Then I made up another cake for her to have at home in the evening.


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