Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Easy Rolled Fondant Roses

My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on the weekend.

I needed to make them a cake.

I had made these simple rolled roses before with felt and I figured I'd try it with rolled fondant.....I just happened to still have some leftover fondant in the cupboard from when I made the pigs in mud cake.

Here's what I did....

roll out some fondant...use icing sugar to keep it from sticking...

cut out some circles...I used my Pampered Chef cutter for the big ones...

then cut around in circles with a knife like this...

and unroll....

and roll it back up....I start rolling from the middle back to the other end.

it's easy peasy!

I did that again....several times.  And then I made some smaller ones....I just cut them out with a small drinking glass.....anything round will work.

Then I placed them on the cake.

I piped some leaves around them....

I also made some hearts.  I rolled out the fondant and cut in in strips with a pizza cutter and then rolled them up and attached them together to make a heart.  I did 5....because they had 5 children. 

I didn't get any photos of the making of the hearts because Lydia had been playing with the radio and changing the station the whole time I was working on this cake....and when I started making the hearts she just happened to come upon "Jolene".....and so we were too busy belting out the song...and no photos of the hearts were taken.  She actually bought "Jolene" off of iTunes the next day....and now we listen to it...and "Let it Go".  It's a nice change from just listening to "Let it Go" continually....

So we took the cake and headed to 'The Sands'....we were just there a couple of weeks ago with Terry's family

I sat in the lake with my dollar store hat....and enjoyed the view.

And  I watched the kids make a hole in the sand and fill it with water.  It's just so much easier than sandcastles....because sometimes sandcastles can become stressful. 

And I got my baby fix.

And  I watched a pretty princess play cards.

And we ate....pretty well the whole day.

And then we got out the cake.  with the rolled fondant roses.  and we ate some more.


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  1. It was a very nice get together! I'll have to send you the photo I took of your parents inside the cottage!


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