Friday, 20 November 2015

My Buckhead

I have a farmhouse that I bake in.  It's my 'baking' farmhouse.  I bake all my pies for the market there.

It has two really nice large front rooms.  Johanna uses one to teach fiddle and stepdancing....two nights a week.  It's worked out well for her to have her own space to do this.

The other room is a work in progress.  I've been painting.  It has very old wainscoting all along the bottom half of the walls and it was dark.  I washed it a couple of times but the cloth just kept turning orange.....I decided to paint it.  With 4 coats of white paint.  I think I'm done now.

As I was painting I kept having to move this faux fireplace mantle.  It was placed in this 'storage'...but I was considering taking it to the dump.  It was also dark.

Finally one day I just painted it white too.  I decided that I would use it.

And then I got this idea that I wanted some sort of antlers or horns above this mantle.  Only I didn't have any antlers or horns.

I googled and looked through pinterest but I really just couldn't find what I was looking for....even though I didn't know what I was looking for....until I came upon this picture

It was from Katie's BOWERPOWER blog.  It's here.

This is what I was looking for!  I could see this above the mantle.  Only I would do three different coverings on the three different pieces.  I could see it in burlap and lace or all different fabrics.  But I didn't have that stuff.  I just had scrapbooking paper and I was just too excited that I needed to make it RIGHT THEN.

So I drew it out on some Bristol board.  Just free hand.  It took all evening.  But it was worth it.

And then  I used my tracers and put it onto heavy cardboard.  And cut it out.  It wasn't easy.  Those curly antlers were a real pain.

And then I picked out my paper and I had to try and match it up like wallpaper because my papers weren't actually big enough to cover it.  It was big.

And it was harder than I thought it would be.  And everyone was asking me what I was doing......they shake their heads a lot at me.

I glued it all together and I was amazed.  I think they were all amazed.

And I teased the boys that I had to make my own buckhead because they had never shot me one.

But then Jack got a beauty. 

But I like mine better.

And I begged Terry to build me a barnboard back for it.

And he did!

EEEEKKKK!  I love my buckhead!


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