Stay at Dwyer's Farmhouse

Bring your family to come and stay at Dwyer's Farmhouse!

The century old farmhouse is rented out exclusively to one family at a you have the entire property to yourself.  We live on a separate property 'across the way'.  We are close enough to help you out but yet we allow you to have your own family time to yourself.

Make your own schedule when you when you please....come and go as you please.  Or don't bother with a schedule.....and don't go anywhere.....just relax and watch the cows, horses and hens!

The farmhouse has 3 bedrooms with 2 queen beds and 2 single beds.  There is a full kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker and bbq for your use.

All the linens and towels are supplied.

There is a fire pit on the back lawn.  A perfect place to watch the stars and roast a marshmallow or hot dog.

There are lots of farm toys, games and books for your children.

The hens are in the henhouse from  to May to October....we keep them in a warmer barn during the colder months.  You can feed and water them and gather their delicious fresh eggs.  We've even had guests sit out and wait in the henhouse because they wanted to see a hen actually lay an egg....and they saw it happen!  And they were over the top excited about it!  Rounding the hens up and getting them locked in the henhouse for the night is always a memorable experience.

The friendly work horses can be treated to an apple or carrot.  They are spoiled during the summer months...standing at the gate just waiting for the next guests to arrive.

Watch the cattle graze in the fields....hopefully they are in the right one.  We've had guests watch us get the cows back in....we are a working farm after all....

This is a bit of a breakdown of our year....and what you can expect when you come.  But because it's a working farm things can be unpredictable....and you might be here just at the moment when a new calf or lamb is being born......or maybe not.  Everyone that comes to stay has their own unique farm experience.

Jan - Feb
It's cold.
There are hills to slide on and rinks to skate on. 
Many local winter carnivals to attend.
The farmhouse is generally quiet during these months.

New calves start to arrive.
There are many local St. Patrick's Day festivities to take in.  The annual Douglas St. Patrick's Parade is not to be missed....guests have told us that it's better than the Disney Light Show Parade!.....of course it is.
It's also the month of maple syrup making....and we have our own little bush to tap.  Would you like to come and gather with us?

The lambs start to arrive.
The days are getting longer...and warmer!

More lambs will be arriving this month.
Time to put in the crop.
We plant the garden during the long weekend in May....potatoes, onions, beans, peas, carrots, turnip, zucchini....
The hens are put back in the henhouse on the farmhouse property.
The cattle are put out to pasture at the farmhouse.

Time to bring in the hay!  This usually starts the middle of June...depending on the weather.  The hay needs to be cut, raked and baled.  We do both small squares and large round bales.  Guests love to watch all the action in the fields.
Kittens are ready to be cuddled at the farmhouse.
Our children are busy preparing their animals (lambs and beef cattle) to show at the local fairs.  Let us know if you would like to help wash and dry one of their show animals.  It's a lot of work...that continues all summer long.  They would be happy to answer all of your questions about showing and 4-H.

This is our busiest time of the year!
We are still bringing in the hay....
Garden produce is ready for picking....and we always share with our guests.
Lots of summertime activities in the Ottawa Valley.
Swim in the river...or take a day to go fishing.
So many good things to purchase at the farmers' market.
Watch the hens take a sand bath under the tree.
We are preparing the animals to show at the fairs.....(see June)
Head to a local fair.

Leaves are starting to change...and it's gorgeous!
Lots of potatoes to dig.
More fairs to go to....
Local 'Rural Ramble' weekends....still lots to see and do....the summer isn't over yet!

Leaves are beautiful.
Thanksgiving at the better place to be!

We are preparing for winter....moving cattle.
Hens are moved into the warmer barn.
Waiting for snow!
Celebrate Christmas or New Year's at the farmhouse!

No matter when you come you will always have the opportunity to take a little tour with us...over to the other farm where the sheep stay.  And we are always ready to answer all of your questions!

Our rate is $135 a night.  Minimum two night stay.  Or $900 for a week.

Do you need even more info?  Our website is here.

Booking a stay is easy!  Just email us at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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