Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Lotsa Meat, Basketball and a Bunny

May is nearly gone.

It's been busy.

I went down to the basement yesterday to get some burger out of the freezer.  The freezer that's giant.  The freezer that they didn't attempt to remove from the basement to put in the auction sale before we bought this farm.  The freezer that we believe the house was built around.

I nearly screamed when I opened the door of the freezer.  It had quit working.  The motor was hot. The cord was hot.

What's for supper Mom?


It actually wasn't that bad.  We did have a supper of meat.  But I had caught the freezer just in time before everything had thawed.

I've never cleaned out a freezer so fast in my life!  Luckily we had neighbours that had room in their freezers for the meat that we saved.

It could have been a lot worse.  The house could have burned down.

We had noticed on the weekend that the lights were doing funny flickery things and we couldn't figure it out.  Also the basement door kept opening all by itself....which was rather unusual!  Terry had even said....is Emmett trying to tell us something??

UUUmmmm.....yes.  He actually was!  But we weren't paying attention!

We got a bunny.  Sophie is back in the 4-H Rabbit club and she was offered a bunny to 'borrow' for the summer. 

At least that's the deal that I made. 

She has been making a little agility course for it and getting it ready for the Cobden Fair.  It's gray and it's cute and she named it Ashes.

Basketball is all the rage here right now.  It happened rather quickly one night.  Jack and Lydia were out there using a cooler as the hoop because we don't have one.

And the next day the cooler was pretty much wrecked.  They busted the lid right off it.

And we went to Canadian Tire and bought a hoop.  But it still needs to be put up on the side of the machine shed.  Terry is reminded of this every time he walks in the house.

The sheep were sheared last night.  They are happy.

There have been lots of celebrations....the 50th Anniversary of our local high school.....we are married 21 years.....and the annual river run.

The garden is nearly all planted and so are the fields.

The rhubarb is ready!

4-H and soccer are in full swing.

And there has been cake....


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