Monday, 20 March 2017

Frozen, Buckhead and Ice Fishing....Cakes!

I've had some fun cake orders in the last few weeks.

This was a "Frozen" themed cake. They had an Elsa figure to set on the top.

This buckhead cake was for Papa's Birthday.  They wanted camo on the sides and the top.

This cake was for a sweet girl that LOVES to go fishing!  I went with the ice fishing theme and made the top half the ice and the fish were swimming around on the bottom cake.  I set the line hoping to catch the big one!


Fiddle and Dance

It was a week of fiddle and dance.

The girls performed during the intermission of the annual Irish Play in Pembroke....that was 4 trips to Pembroke!

Family day at the Douglas Tavern is always a lot of fun.  There are so many talented kids in our area and it was their day to shine.  They all had a chance to take the stage on their own and then they had a grand finale where they all danced in the aisles....


And then there were house parties to attend.  Johanna doesn't always get the chance to dance as she is usually fiddling but at this party there was another fiddler...


It was a very busy full week.

And Sugar has been moved out of the basement!  Woot woot! She is snug and warm in the horse stable.  We are feeding her a bottle 4 times a day and she is growing.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Trip to the City and Sweet Sugar

I made a quick decision on Sunday night. I told Sophie and Lydia that we would go into Ottawa the next day and go to the Museum of Nature.  They were excited.

This is out of my comfort zone.  The city.

When we were getting ready the next morning, Jack came in the house to tell me that there was a lambing coming out there.  It was so cold out.

But the girls were looking forward to their day out and I knew that Jack could handle it.

I left the hairdryer, bag of powdered colostrum, and the bottle on the table.  and left.

By the time we got the museum it was 10am and the rest of the city was already inside.  All parking lots were full.

I drove around the building a couple of times.  I knew that if I veered off and went down a different street I would never find my way back....all those one way streets...and I have no sense of direction.

I pulled over at the drop off/pick up and called Terry.  As if he could help me.  I was actually starting to sort of panic.  The city is not my place.  He had little advice for me.  The girls told me that they would just go ahead in and I could sit out at the drop off/pick up.  Ummmm. no.  That wasn't the answer.

I told them that I would drive around one more time.  And on the street there it was....a parking space.  I would need to parallel park....I haven't done that since my driving test when I was 16.  and it was on a one way street and I needed to park on the opposite side.  I had it in my head that I was going to do this.  I tried and then tried again.  And then I asked Sophie to get out on the street and help me.

She did.  We did it.  Together.  And there were cheers. 


All of downtown Ottawa knew that we had arrived.

We went into the madness of the museum.  What a crowd.  And they loved it.

And then we went for Swiss Chalet chicken dinners for lunch. 

And then we went to Ikea and rode the escalator.....and they loved it.

And when we got home there was a lamb in the kitchen.

Twins had arrived and one was good but this one in the kitchen was not so good.  It didn't quite suck right when it took the bottle....but it was drinking.  They had taken it out to its mom but it wasn't working out.

The next morning, Jack brought it in and I fed it and he took it back out to be with its mom.

But when I checked on them the situation was not good.  She was not liking that lamb.  She had completely rejected it and was head bunting it against the wall.  She was being so mean.

I brought it in the house and named it Sugar.  And we gave it love.

Johanna had been away at school all day and missed the part about having a lamb in the house.  We were out at Irish Trivia...because it's Irish week.....when she came home.....and I got this message...

I think she will make a great nurse!

So Sugar is doing well....and hopefully the weather will warm up soon and she can be moved outside.  But for now she is hanging out in the basement....and being treated like a puppy.  She doesn't even baaaa any more....she knows that she will be looked after.


She is so spoiled!


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

St. Patrick's Parade 2017

We paraded!

Terry decided he was well enough to drive the truck.  But I didn't let the girls out to sit on the was a freeze your face off I can't feel my fingers kind of day.  and it was windy.  too windy.

So we paraded from inside the truck with the big barrel on the back of the wagon.

Lots of folks paraded from the floats.  And lots of folks stood out and watched the parade.

They all froze.

We were snug and warm in the can even see the barrel in the back!

There were floats of all kinds.  transports. tractors. cars. trucks. horses. huge pieces of specialty farm equipment.

It was grand.

It was quite a job getting us all lined up.....there were about 130 floats....

The girls considered riding on the back....but the backseat of the truck was so much warmer!

This float was my favourite.  Best ever.

Even the big news team from the city came.  Their story is here.


Friday, 10 March 2017

It's all a blurrrrr....

What a week.

The kids had 2 snowdays....Monday and Tuesday!  It was so icy on Tuesday we couldn't let the cattle out of the barn until about noon.....or they would have all had broken legs!  I was out actually crawling on my hands and knees getting to where I needed to be.  It was scary dangerous. 

And then it melted.

Lydia was sick this week so she only went to school on Thursday.  Today is Friday and it was a holiday of some kind....I'm not sure....but now it's the March Break.

Terry has a respiratory flu.  I thought it was pneumonia but after the 5 hour wait at the ER, the x-rays said no.  I really hope I don't get it.......

This sweet girl had a birthday this week and it just happened to be on dance night.  The girls are getting their routine together to entertain at the Irish Play again this year.

Cousins are special.

It was the last week of Little Rock Curling and I remembered to take my camera!


They had a good year.

The farmhouse has a new kitchen!  Our carpenter left on Thursday afternoon and guests arrived Friday afternoon.  I went into a cleaning frenzy to have it ready!  It really is a huge update but I have no photos because I had no time and my phone was dead.  I still have to paint the trim and tile the ceiling.....but the guests don't seem to mind!  They are here for the parade.

It's the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Douglas tomorrow!  It's suppose to be the biggest and best parade ever as we are also celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday.  I painted up this barrel for our float. 

But it's going to be minus freezing I can't feel my face outside tomorrow so I don't know if we will even go!  And Terry is still sick.  He suggested I take the truck and wagon and go.  But I think I would probably hit something.  We will see.

It's been a blur of a week.  Jack mentioned on Wednesday night that he had signed me up for a parent teacher interview at 4:45pm....for that night....and told me that one teacher said she would be calling if your parent doesn't show up!  I said well I guess she'll have to call because it's 5:45pm right now.  Thanks Jack.  I felt like a twit.  I always go to parent teacher interviews!  But she hasn't called....

I made more of these today.

I'm really quite obsessed with chrysanthemums.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Paint Nite, Curling and Chrysanthemums

It's Monday!  It's another snowday!

We were surprised the smorning when we found out the buses were cancelled.  There was a freezing rain warning in effect....but it wasn't doing anything outside.  It didn't start until 3pm...and by that time the kids would have been home.  Oh well...I enjoy having them here with me!

It was a busy weekend.  I went to my first 'Paint Nite'.  Good times with friends.  Lots of laughs...lots of went to a good cause.  But seriously....does anyone actually hang up their painting on a wall that they made at Paint Nite?  I certainly won't be.  The girls analyzed it the next this water?...what is this?  I DON'T KNOW!  IT'S JUST A VERY UGLY PAINTING!

Sophie and Lydia had their Little Rocks Family Bonspiel on Saturday.  They are nearly done their season of curling.  They are so good at sweeping and throwing those rocks.  At the Family Bonspiel they invite all the parents to have a game on the ice with the kids.  I am no good at sweeping or throwing those rocks. I was concentrating on not falling the whole time!  They were so very supportive....'Good try Mom'....over and over.

So I failed at the painting and the curling but managed to do something right.

I bought a new decorating tip....wilton #81....and I made chrysanthemums!


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Raining, Milking, Pepperettes and a HUGE Egg

It's raining ridiculous out there.  Which is bad news because it's suppose to get cold again and we loosing all the snow.  The fields will be all ice and it will be bad news for that new seeding we planted last year.  No good hay means no good feed for the cows and sheep.  Rain rain go away.  I'd rather it be snowing!

The boys have been milking for a family that went south for a week.  They had never milked there before so last week they had a couple of training days and this week they were on their own.  The alarms have been going off at 4am.  They go down and milk...come home...go to school...come home...go down and milk...have a late supper.  Of course we've been setting our alarm at 4 in case they don't get's getting exhausting.  But they haven't complained at all....not even once.  They don't seem to be tired...they seem to enjoy it all.  I've been making sure the clothes are clean and they are well fed.  Last night when the rest of the world was eating pancakes for shrove Tuesday, I  was outside barbequing steaks.  I knew they'd be hungry and pancakes wouldn't cut it. 

Last night the alarm went off.....beep beep beep beep beep....continuous....not stopping.  On and on.  I was thinking those poor boys are so tired that they can't wake up....I finally got out of bed and as I got into the hallway I realized that it wasn't coming from the boys was the girls room!  And then it quit.  Johanna had got it stopped.  She needed to get up on the top bunk...crawl over Sophie and hit it.  Sophie had somehow turned on her alarm on her clock. 

I got back into bed and Terry then woke up....asking what was going on.  I said Sophie's alarm...I thought it was the boys.  He told me it was midnight....I wasn't even 4am!  I lay there awake wondering if Johanna shut it off or just hit snooze.  Sure enough 10 minutes later it went off again.  I jump up...but Johanna got there first.  I ended up unplugging it.

Back to bed....trying to get back to sleep.

And at 4am I heard the boys alarm.  There was no hesitation.  Up they got and the room light came on.  Those boys....God Bless those boys.  They work so hard.

And God Bless the Dairy Farmers that do it everyday all year long.

It's Ash Wednesday!  I went out to Mass and all the school children were there.  I love it when they are at Mass with us.  Father asked them during his homily what they were giving up for Lent.  They shouted....chocolate! and candy! and PEPPERETTES!

Good one!

Seriously....who can turn away a pepperette?....they are so good!  I've even tried bear and moose and venison pepperettes.  When there's a party...there are always pepperettes.

Look at this for an egg...

We've got an over achiever in the henhouse!  OUCH!