Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Washing of the Hens

Johanna, Grady and Jack belong to the local 4-H Chicken Club.  They teach them all things birds.  I have learned SO MUCH about chickens over the last 3 years.  There are different types of chickens....fancies, layers, meat birds.  Then there are all different breeds....brahmas, cochins, silkies, barred rocks.....

If you need birds, there are local 'bird sales' that you can buy/sell/trade your birds.  There are some serious bird people out there....with some really beautiful birds.

Part of the program of this 4-H club is to teach the kids how to properly 'show' their bird....how to hold it, how to show it off, how to answer the judges questions....and how to wash it.

It's not unusual for me to be driving 5 kids and 3 or 4 birds to these meetings....down the highway.

In my van.

Does that make me a redneck?

The meeting yesterday was all about washing the birds.

They needed to get them all wet and cleaned up....even scrub their feet!


And then they rinsed them off.

Cuddle time!  Those birds needed to get all dried off.

Johanna's new hair cut.....

Show time!  Everyone had a turn to present their bird.  We drilled them with all sorts of questions and they knew the answers....most of the time.

Did you know that Silkies have blue meat?  I didn't.  These girls have Silkies and they were trying to show us the skin....you can see the blue under their feathers!

These kids will all be at the Renfrew County Plowing Match on September 14th to show you their birds and answer all your questions.


  1. I had no idea you washed birds. I am surprised at how calm they looked through the whole process too! And Johanna, your haircut looks very nice. It def makes you look older! (Poor Terry!) LOL

  2. Have any silkies for sale? smiley101@nrtco.net is my email addy

    1. No, sorry. We don't have any silkies for sale. I'm going to ask a friend and I'll email you if they have any.


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