Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Grandma Andrews' Salad Dressing

Our garden lettuce is growing.....REALLY growing.  I have a couple of different patches of it....and it grows back faster than we can eat it.  I even sell bags of it at the farmers' market....and we still have too much!


I have been eating salads of it nearly everyday.  I just wash it up and chop up a few green onions and then I pour a little of this salad dressing on it.

Grandma Andrews' Salad Dressing

Get a glass 1 cup measuring cup.  
Put 1/4 cup of sugar in the bottom (a little more)
Add vinegar...enough to float on top of the sugar.
Add veg oil...about 1/4 cup (a little more)
speck of salt and pepper
shake of garlic salt....I chop up a clove and put it in instead.

Shake and pour over lettuce and onions.

I made my Grandma tell me this recipe.  She didn't have it written down.  She always just made it...and we never knew how she did it.

She is 91 years old now, and lives in a nursing home.

But I make her salad dressing and think of her.

If only I could sit in her kitchen with her and eat it again.  We would eat salmon sandwiches with it.   And she would have cucumbers sliced up in a bowl covered in vinegar.  And it would be so good.



  1. I love leaf lettuce. I would totally buy some from you. They make the tastiest BLT's!!

  2. Making homemade salad dressing is the best. It creates such warm and wonderful memories. It has been 42 years now of using my MIL's recipe. It is one way of keeping your loved ones close long after they are gone.


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