Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eganville Farmers' Market

The Eganville Farmers' Market is open every Friday from 2pm to 6pm.  It is located at the Legion Field Ball Park....which is just across from St. James Church.  The market runs from the Canada Day Weekend to the Thanksgiving Weekend.

I am a vendor at the market.

I make pies.

And cookie sandwiches....that are filled with buttercream and chocolate ganache.

And buttertarts.

And Cake in a Jars.

And sometimes I take a decorated Rose Cake to sell.

I also take any extra produce I have from the garden.  Last week I had lettuce, onions and rhubarb.

Johanna tagged along last week and played her fiddle.  She received lots of compliments.


The market is a lot of fun.  It's a great place to socialize....and eat!

The pizza farm will make your pizza just for you.

And then they bake it in their wood fired oven.

It's SO good.  They use organic flour and top it with produce from their gardens and meat that they have raised themselves. could have a lean, gluten free hot dog.  This is from the Bonn Valley Farm.  They also sell grass fed beef and vegetable chutneys.  They have all sorts of relish type home made spreads to put on the hot dog....and also jars of it to purchase.

These dogs are SO yummy!
There are a variety of other vendors there as well.
This lady sells home preserves, oven mitts, quilts and rabbit meat.  People are usually a little surprised when they see that she is selling's just a little unusual.  I overheard one boy ask her if she was selling rabbits that were alive....or 'not'.  She told him that she didn't have any live ones with her today....but that she could make arrangements if he wanted to purchase a 'live' one.  He was interested....but his mother was not.
Then there is Coronation Hall....with all of the most amazing apple products that you will ever eat....or drink!  The apple cider just tastes like pure's SO delicious!
Genevieve Townsend and her father Charles have beautiful display at the market. 
Genevieve is an artist.  She draws fairies....pretty, sweet fairies.  She not only has pictures in frames of fairies but she draws them on rings, pendants, magnets and tote bags.  Johanna bought a fairy ring last year.  This year she bought this....
It's as cute as a button!  It's a ring that can also be used to stick pins in when you are sewing.
You can find lots of other things at the market as well.  There is fresh bread, lemon loaves, lamb, beef, preserves, produce, knitting, homemade soaps, paper products, plants/flowers and sewn items.  A full listing of the vendors is here.
Hope to see you at the market!

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  1. Awesome! I've been wanting to come, so it's great to see some pictures of the Farmer's Market!


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