Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spring Blossoms

These grow along our road.  I don't know what they are but they sure have some pretty blossoms.  I don't remember them ever looking this good.

And then there is the apple tree with all it's lovely blossoms.  The scent of it all is just delicious.

We have trilliums in our bush....or to say it properly "growing on the forest floor".

The lilacs are one of my favourites.  I have a big bouquet on my kitchen table.  There were really no lilacs last year....I think it was a sign of the drought to come.  But this year the lilac bush is just loaded....I think it's a sign of a good summer ahead!

And then there are all these little 'dandy' yellow flowers.  I never really like them much until my mother-in-law came for a visit when we were first married....she was just thrilled to see all the dandelions.  I was confused and then she told me that dandelions don't grow where she's only 30 minutes away!  She said that it's a sign of wonderfully fertile ground when you see dandelions.  She lives in the sand.  So now I have a deeper appreciation for  the dandelions.  There is a bumper crop this year.....



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