Friday, 10 May 2013


I took this photo on April 10th.

I took this photo on April 17th.

I took this photo on April 26th.

Then I wasn't paying anymore attention.  It was just taking too long.  I couldn't stand it.

Then on Sunday (May 5th), Sophie came in the house screaming.  She said that I had to go out and look at the rhubarb...NOW.  And I did.



But then we were busy with other things.

Until yesterday.  Finally.

We cut it and washed it and chopped it.

First, a Sour Cream Rhubarb Cake.

I had planned on letting them eat it for dessert after supper.  It didn't make it until supper.  It was all gone before supper.

But, I made a pie too.  Sophie decided to take some photos.  She took a lot of photos....but here are a few....


Oh me oh my.  Rhubarb pie.  Finally.


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