Monday, 13 May 2013

Moving Year Olds Out to Grass

It's time for the cattle to be put out on the grass.

This past weekend we hired my Uncle Dean to take some cow/calf pairs up to the farm at Ruby.  That's what Uncle Dean does....moves cows.

This evening we needed to move some year olds just down the road to the field.  Year olds are not like cows and calves.  They are crazy.  They are unpredictable. 

Terry, Johanna, Grady and Jack let them out and sent them down the road.  It was up to me to make sure that they went through the open gateway and not farther down the road.

Here they come.

Running full out.....right at me.  I let them come.

When they got to the gate I put out my arms.  They saw me and came to a dead stop.  They looked around and then turned around and ran straight back where they came from.

Terry and the kids turned them around and we tried again.

This time, Terry and the kids came up closer.  We all just stood and waited.

And waited.

Then one of them found the opening at the gate.

And waited.

Then they all saw the opening and ran.  They all ran through the field.

So happy to be out on the grass.

And we are so happy to not have to be feeding them all the time.


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