Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May is for Mary

May is for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I decided to make a table centrepiece.

I got out the statue.  It's simple and white.  It's of Mary holding a baby.  I love it.

Then I searched through the cupboard for glass things and I got out a barn board box.

I started to place the things in the box when Sophie and Lydia noticed what I was doing.  I told them about Mary and how we associate the colour blue with her.

Sophie said, "I have just the thing."

And she disappeared into the living room.

She returned with a blue crocheted square.  Then she showed me what she wanted to do with it.  She wrapped it around Mary like a shawl.

Lydia was outraged!  She said, "You can't put that on Mary!  It's off of one of your dogs!"

I told Lydia that it would be fine.  The dog was clean.

I got a safety pin and pinned it on.  Sophie was just delighted.

Then I suggested that we make a crown of flowers for her head.  I couldn't find any blue ribbon.  So, we used white and pink.

I found some white and blue fabric roses and I attached them to some green wires.  Then I set them in a glass with some lace.  A bouquet for Mary.

Sophie placed the rosaries in the glass container surrounding her.  Then she found a white ribbon and told me that it had to go around the box.


It is lovely.  We are ready.


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  1. That is really sweet! I'm sure our Holy Mother is honored!


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