Monday, 6 May 2013

Hidden Treasures

It was a busy weekend.

We had a chicken sale to go to.  People come with chickens and ducks and bunnies and turkeys and they park their trucks in the parking lot at the feed store and they try to sell or trade them.  This happened from 8 a.m. until noon on Saturday.

The kids are in the 4-H Chicken Club.  They took a give away...and we managed that.  BUT Jack bought 2 more hens....that came with another rooster.  So our problems weren't all solved.

Anyways, we weren't at the sale because of the Chicken Club.  The kids also belong to the 4-H Sheep Club.  It was the sheep club that was having a sort of bake sale/hot dog sale at this chicken sale.  It turns out that most of the sheep people are chicken people too.

But that was only the beginning to the weekend.

The boys spent the rest of the weekend on tractors.  They were discing and harrowing and sewing and rolling.  They were planting the put it plainly.

When the soil gets worked up you just never know what you'll find.  Usually it's just lots of rocks.  Big rocks and little rocks.  But sometimes there is something else.

Jack noticed this in the ploughed field.  I asked him if he knew what it was and he said that it was something that would put a big old hole in the tire of the tractor.  I guess he was right.

But then I told him that actually it was an old spike from the railroad.  There used to be a train track that ran across a field over from where we were.  It was ripped out years ago.  He thought that was sort of neat....not something you'd find everyday.

Then when he was working up the field with the discs he got caught in a wire.  He needed to cut it out.

There are always hidden treasures in those fields....but most of the time we don't want to find them.


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