Friday, 21 December 2012

Preparing for Christmas

It snowed again last night...and today....and it's still snowing.

Johanna's bus was cancelled again today.  That's the third time this week.

It was a good day to get some things done.  Terry got the kids to work on our float for the Santa Claus's on Sunday.

I decided to bake.  I always do a lot of Christmas baking and then we give most of it to the neighbours.  I made three dozen buttertarts, a toffee/chocolate bark, a batch of ginger cookies and a big batch of sugar cookies.  I also made up the pie shell for a pecan pie....I might make it tomorrow.

So, this evening we decorated the sugar cookies.  I made up some royal icing and then let the kids cover them in candies and sprinkles.

We have snowmen, angels, candy canes, snowflakes, gingerbread men....

stars, Christmas trees...

We also took some time to wrap a couple of presents.  The last time Sophie was in the grocery store with me, she shrieked when she saw a bag of bows.  She told me that they were SO beautiful and that we had to buy them.  So we put them in the cart and then I told her to pick out a roll of wrapping paper too.  She was over the top excited about the bows....and then I thought about it.  I haven't really wrapped presents with her.  The last couple of years, I would just throw gifts in gift bags.

So, I got out the bows and wrapping and I told Sophie and Lydia that we had a few gifts to wrap.  They put on the tape and watched me fold up the ends.  Then I told them to pick out a bow and we put it on the gift.  I told them that it looked beautiful and we would do another one.  They both looked at me like I was crazy.  They said that I couldn't just put one bow on the gift....that wasn't right!  It needed more bows....many more bows.  So I told them to show me how they wanted the gift to look....and they covered the entire top with bows!
I love their creative ideas.  This gift is for my niece...she's 4 years old.  I think she'll love it!

Then we wrapped three more gifts...and they covered them with bows too.  I think the Grandmas will like their gifts too!


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