Monday, 17 December 2012

His Daughter?

Johanna plays the fiddle and stepdances with the Mine Road Band.  It's a small local group that plays at seniors homes and the hospitals.  Johanna has been given lots of opportunities with them including a recorded CD this past spring.

They were asked to play at a local retirement home on the weekend.  She told me that she needed to be there for 3:30pm and they would be playing for an hour.  So I dropped her off at the door and then parked in the lot and read a book for about 50 minutes.  I enjoyed this moment of quiet.

Then I decided I'd go into the home and see if they were nearly finished playing.  When I entered, the lounge was full of people...young and old.  The band was set up there and they were still playing.  There was an empty chair so I sat down.  People were enjoying the music...even singing along.

They were setting the tables in the dining room for everyone.  It was a family Christmas dinner night at the home.

There were two older gentlemen across the way from me and I heard one of them say, "That's my girl."  I looked their way and one of them looked at me...while the other one was looking at the lady sitting beside me.  I didn't know which one of the men had spoken first....but I just looked away.  Then I heard the other man say, "She's kinda young isn't she?"  The other man replied, "No, that's my girl.  She's my daughter."  And the other man said, "Yeah, but she's kind of young...isn't she?"  And he responded with "She's 56."  The reply was, "BOY, they sure can make them look young nowadays!"  I didn't know whether I should let them know the mistake....then they would know that I had been listening to their conversation.

It was at that point that the band asked everyone to sing along...and we all did.  The men continued to talk and I think they got it sorted out....I couldn't hear.

Then Johanna was finished playing so we left.


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