Monday, 24 December 2012

Douglas Santa Claus Parade

Yesterday, the little village of Douglas was filled with the Christmas spirit.  They always hold the Santa Claus Parade the Sunday before Christmas.  It's a great opportunity to visit with families that have returned home to celebrate the season with their families.

We decided to put a float in again this year.  We were told that the theme for the parade was "Winter Wonderland"....and that was very fitting with all the snow that had just fallen.

Our wagon was already covered with snow so instead of cleaning it off we decided to work with it.  The kids built a hill at the front and a snow fort around the back.  Then they built some snowmen.

We dressed up the float with some downhill skiis, cedar boughs, wreaths and a few Christmas trees.  I made two big signs "Merry Christmas from the Dwyer's" to go along each side of the wagon.
The boys decided to ride in the back of the truck.
Terry, the girls and I sat on the float.
These were our drivers!
The parade was a lot of fun.  We did lots of shouting and waving and threw lots of candy canes.  We were surprised when we were awarded 3rd prize!

Then I took the girls to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Sophie needed to hand deliver her letter to them and they were delighted to receive it.

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