Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cake in a Jar

I've always loved baking cakes...and decorating cakes.  But I just don't have time to do the decorating part right now.  So when I discovered a cake in a mason jar online one night, I just got so excited that I nearly burst.  I just loved it.  It was finally a way that I could package cake and not worry about it getting squashed or poked.

I bake the cakes, cut them in circles and put them in the jar. Then I put in the filling and put another piece of cake on top. I top it off with some buttercream icing. It's a piece of cake in a jar.

I tried it out a few times before I got it the way I wanted it.  Then I figured out my 'label' and had a customized stamp made..."Cake in a Jar".  I figured that was the most simple explanation of the product.  It's just cake in a jar.

When I started selling it at the Farmers' Market I soon found out that it just wasn't so easily explained.  This was just a little too unique....too different.

Most people think that it's the dry ingredients to make a cake.  They ask me what they need to add to it or what size of a cake it will make.  I kindly tell them that they just have to open the jar and eat it.  That's it.  It's just cake in a jar.

I even attached spoons to the jars. I was hoping that that would help with the just take the spoon and eat it. But some people think the attached spoon is suppose to be used to mix it up...before they bake it in their ovens.

It gets sort of tiring explaining it....every time.

So when someone approaches my table and says.....Wow!  What a novel idea!....I thank them....REALLY thank them.  They don't know that I'm not just thanking them for the lovely compliment.  I'm thanking them for understanding my product.

This past weekend I signed up for a Christmas Bazaar.  I was excited to make some Christmas Cake in a Jar's. 

So, I made some Gingerbread cake jars and put some gumdrops in the middle and on the top.
I made some vanilla cake jars and put some holly sprinkles on the bottom and the top to make them festive.  I whipped up chocolate ganache for the middle.  The other one beside it has a seedless strawberry jam in the middle.
I made chocolate cake too.  The Black Forest jars are my best seller.  I did some other chocolate ones with the ganache filling.....and the festive holly sprinkles.
I love the look of these sprinkles.  Here's the bottom of the jars.
I attached wooden spoons to each jar with some raffia or twine.

I also made four dozen homemade buttertarts and two batches of chocolate/toffee bark.  And then I cleaned my kitchen and did dishes for a couple of hours.

The Bazaar was well attended and a lot of fun.  I always love mingling with the other vendors and checking out what they are creating.  We usually end up buying from each other.

It was a good day.  I have a few jars leftover...but that's okay because I'll give them as gifts.


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