Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bedding down the calves

Terry cleaned out the barn the other day and fresh straw needed to be put down.  We are keeping calves in this barn for the winter.  They were recently weaned from their mothers. 

So the boys threw down some straw for the bedding.  They needed to shake out all the straw and make a nice bed.  The calves will sleep on it...and poop on it.  It will be ruined in no time and need to be all cleaned out and bedded again.  But that's the way it goes.

So Grady shook out the straw.

And shook out the straw.
And shook out the straw.  Then I noticed that Jack wasn't helping and I asked why.  He was quick to tell me that they could only find one hay fork and he had just finished doing the other side of the it was Grady's turn!
Here is the finished bed.  We invited the calves back into the barn.
Jack poured out the grain for them.  I told him not to smile....this is serious work...but he couldn't stop smiling.

And they ate.
And this one asked me to stop flashing the camera.
I told her that she was famous and fabulous...and that she would be seen all over the world.  But she just went back to eating her grain.

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