Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Advent Candles

This past Sunday was the 1st Sunday of Advent.  Every year we place the advent wreath on the kitchen table and light the candles during supper.  I love this time of waiting....of preparing.

But every year I have a problem.  The 4 candles in the wreath are purple and pink....and finding purple and pink candles is a real challenge.  We were once able to purchase a set at the back of the church but they don't make them available any more.  The last few years I have been using the leftovers from previous years...but the leftovers are down to the last.

I had full intentions on looking for the candles when I went into town on Saturday...but somehow I forgot to put them on 'the list'.  And when something is not on the list...it is forgotten.  I just had too many things to pick up as I hadn't made it into town all week.  I remembered the candles on the drive home...but by that time it was too late.

But then I had an idea.  Instead of focusing on the colour of the candles, why not focus on the colour of the candle holder!  I had 4 similar clear glass holders.  I got Sophie to help me tear up some purple and pink tissue paper and then we glued it on to the holders.  I also cut some felt in strips and glued it on close to the rim.  These holders were a little small and became just too hidden in the wreath...so, I put them on top of some upside down drinking glasses.  That made them the perfect height...and I put some of that tacky stuff on the bottom of the holders to make them hold together on the glass.

I found a battery-operated tea light candle in the cupboard and placed it in the holder.  I could only find one...but that was okay because we only light one candle the first week anyway.  I will pick up more when I go into town this week.

This also eliminates the whole issue of 'I'm going to burn the house down with those candles lit on the table' AND the issue of 'Who is going to get to blow the advent candle out tonight?'

But I'm finding that I sort of miss the 'real' light of the candle....so I may change it.  I might look into getting some thick pillar white candles and place them in the holders.  I could tie purple/pink ribbons around them too.

But this wreath is a great option when there are little ones around.  I'm so nervous when it comes to kids and candles.


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