Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Popular Science Book about the Earth

I was busy doing dishes when Sophie announced to me that she had just taught Lydia all about volcanoes, minerals and the Earth.  I told her that that was great....all good things to know about.  Then she said that she also told Lydia the most important part about volcanoes...the lava.  She told her to NEVER touch the lava.  She also told Lydia that there actually weren't any volcanoes around she wouldn't have to worry about the lava really.....UNLESS God decided to make a volcano close by.  But not to worry....Lydia knows not to touch the lava.  I thanked Sophie for teaching her all that...and I was wondering just where all this was coming from because we hadn't been talking recently about any of these things. 

Then I saw the book.  She had found the Popular Science Book about the Earth.  Sophie hadn't looked at that book in awhile...but she just loves that book.

She carried it around most of the day...and kept talking and pointing things out about it.

Then it was time to go to step dancing lessons and she asked if she could bring it.  I told her that she certainly could.

We got into the van...and it was was dark.  She asked if she could turn on her reading light in the back of the van and I said that she could.  We were driving for a bit and then she says that her battery is getting low 'in this thing'...but it was okay because she had brought extra batteries and she could fix the problem herself.  She continued to turn the reading light on and off.

I became confused.  I asked Johanna what Sophie had back there....something with batteries?  And Johanna said that she just had a book.

Then Sophie said that actually it was a computer...about the Earth.

On the way home from step dancing....after ooooooohhhhing and aaawwwing over all the Christmas lights in town...she said that she was turning her computer back on.  I asked her if she had emails that she needed to check and she laughed and said "No, no, no.  I'm just buying some jewels and minerals on here.  Some of them are so beautiful!"  Then she said, "Oh, Mom, you should see this UGLY rock.  I'm not buying THAT!"


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