Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Freezing Rain Day

Terry brought the tree thru the door at 7:00am yesterday morning.

Everything outside was covered in ice.  Johanna's bus was cancelled.

It was time to decorate the tree.

Sophie was the most excited.  I can't even explain how excited she was.  She had been waiting for this day...this moment.  And it was finally here.

We put tractors on our tree.

And  a sheep.

And another tractor.

And another sheep.

And another tractor.

And a homemade star.

And a wee bit of Irish.

Johanna made this a few years ago...it's baby Jesus in some straw...right from our barn!

And a bird house.

And some pinecones.

And I tied some burlap to some of the branches.

I love our tree.

But that was only the beginning of our day.  It was also Jack's birthday!  So we made him a cake.

He had many phone calls.  We were just about to sing to him when the phone rang again.

We had a really great day.

Johanna's bus was cancelled again today.  This time it was because of snow...it's much better than freezing rain.  We can go outside and play!


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